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Poetry & Stories



by Kathy


It's a big question - why?

More asked than answered.

More pondered than clarified.


Why can't I get over this?

Why can't I fix myself?

Why can't I be normal?

Why? Why?


I sit here and I wonder,

Asking these questions to myself.

No answers.


Why can't I get over this?

Why can't I live my life?

Why am I like this?

Why? Why?


I would rather stop the questions than keep asking.

All asking does is leave more questions in my head.

Why? Why? Why?




My Life

by Kathy


My life is no life.

I am a shadow of a person,

crippled by an misunderstood disease.


My days are no days.

I live in the darkness of my room,

Too scared, too scarred to leave.


My feelings are no feelings.

I kill myself a little more each day

and live in the wake of my own destruction.


My fate is no fate

I have no future to look forward to

and only a shell of a person to leave behind.


Why live like this?

Why live at all?